Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We are SO Married

June 9th was everything we could have wanted and more. Though the skies decided to provide their own version of light refreshments, the day was wonderful. It truly is powerful, overwhelming and energizing to see family and friends all displaying their love and support by their presence. We were honoured to have people who came from across the Fraser River, the country, the border and even the Atlantic, to be with us.

And as if a wedding, food and a ridiculous amount of meriment was not enough - then there comes a Honeymoon. We admit we have quite the travel bug and so exploring a new place, language and people group was exciting. Even more exciting than gesturing through conversations, white water rafting or a close encounter with a coral snake while hiking, was driving our wee rental car on the mountain roads of Costa Rica...Matthew did well except for one minor visitation with the side of a large pick-up truck. All ended well and we were pleased with Amber's decision to opt for the extra insurance (it's like she knows!).

We have returned to Matthew's home province to spend some time, indulging in further celebratory events, with family and friends...and to do some further preparation for our upcoming transition to Slovakia.

Today we had another big lesson on our road to heading overseas. We lent our car to a much-beloved and highly responsible friend in B.C. to use while we were away. Our trust in our friend still remains strong, however, we are now quite skeptical of all other drivers. I am not sure what the odds of being T-boned by an RV from Alberta which was rented by an Italian tourist are, but somehow it happened. Our friend, despite a swift blow to the face by the airbag, is alright (and we are glad - anytime you walk away from an accident, it was okay). Sadly, our car has been laid to rest at some unknown car impound awaiting our return for its proper burial.


The lesson: we seriously never know what is coming next, but we take it all in stride and honestly believe that God will work something out for our best interest. Now the really hard part is actually believing this and not agonizing.

The question: anyone know of a decent car for sale?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Marriage - YES PLEASE

Lo and behold - here comes our first delve into the world of blogging. Starting new pursuits seems to be a life theme lately, so a new blog fits well.

June 9th is coming quickly and we are all set to be man and wife. In some ways we feel like bad spouses-to-be because we are not panicking, nervous, or even overly excited. To be honest it all feels very natural. After three years of dating, being together just feels so normal. We are a little worried that other people are more excited for our wedding than we are!

It is our race to the starting line. Our marriage marks a whole new place in life. Presently, we know eachother as well as we can outside of marriage. Soon we will have a chance to re-explore our relationship on a whole new level. Could anything be more alluring? It also marks the final push towards life in a new cultural context. We are confident that we are entering our greatest adventure together.

We are better together.